Ever since the negative list of services was ammended vide Notification No. 18/2014 & 19/2014-Service Tax dated 25th August’ 2014, with an effective date of 1st October, 2014, there has been confusion among Indian adsense publishers whether they would now have to start paying service tax to the Government. There are several articles on the [...]

Two years ago, during a brief window of time in October 2008, there were a few days when the sudden and unexpected explosion of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis was so intense that many leading economists and experts questioned whether the entire modern financial system may collapse.  Banks rely on the ability to borrow funds from [...]

Talwalkars IPO Allotment Status and Talwalkars IPO Listing Date are yet to be announced. Since the Talwalkars IPO has been quite heavily oversubscribed, Talwalkars IPO Allotment chances will be pretty low and definitely through lottery. If you have applied through the non institution high networth investors catgeory, your chances of allotment in Talwalkars IPO is [...]

Goenka Diamond & Jewels IPO Subscription Details as of today seems pretty encouraging. The institutional bidders category has oversubscribed already. Goenka Diamond & Jewels IPO has seen excellent subscription interest from high net worth individuals and hence the non institutional category in the Goenka Diamond IPO has already oversubscribed by over 7 times. I have [...]

Shree Ganesh Jewellery House IPO Allotment Status is likely to be released within the next few days. Retail investors are likely to get close to full allotment in the Shree Ganesh Jewellery House IPO. This is because Shree Ganesh Jewellery IPO had only just managed to oversubscribe. Shree Ganesh Jewelery IPO Allotment details will be [...]

Persistent Systems IPO Allotment Status has not yet been released but one look at the Persistent Systems IPO Subscription details will tell you that the allotment of Persistent Systems IPO will be through lottery. This is because the Persistent Systems IPO has oversubscribed heavily. Retail category in the Persistent IPO has oversubscribed by about 22 [...]

Intrasoft Technologies IPO Subscription Details as of March 24 looks good. The Intrasoft Tech IPO has generated fairly good subscription interest from all classes of investors. However, it's still early days and the IPO as yet has not oversubscribed. But looking at the subscription details of Intrasoft IPO, I'm quite sure the IPO will see [...]

IL&FS Transportation Networks IPO Subscription Details presents an encouraging picture. Looks like investors are lapping up IPO issues nowadays. This is a good news since after the Reliance Power IPO, a lot of investors lost faith in applying in IPO's for listing gains. But looking at the subscription details of IL&FS Transportation Networks IPO and [...]

NMDC IPO Subscription Details as of today look pretty good. The NMDC IPO has almost fully subscribed with still one day remaining before the IPO closes for public subscription. NMDC IPO Allotment appears to be pretty decent as of now considering the fact that the retail investors category of NMDC IPO has not yet been [...]

DQ Entertainment IPO Allotment Status will be known in a few days. If you applied in the DQ Entertainment IPO, please be advised that the allotment is quite tough to obtain. The allotment will be made on lottery basis and the allotment chances will depend on the number of shares you have applied for. DQ [...]

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