DLF IPO Subscription : Some Big Names subscribe to the IPO

Some of the big names such as SBI, LIC, Dubai investor group, DE Shaw, Aberdeen, Blackstone, HSBC etc have subscribed heavily to the DLF IPO. SBI and LIC have put in bids for 500 crores each in the DLF IPO. The institutional investor category in the DLF IPO has done extremely well and has been oversubscribed by over 5 times. However the retail investor category remained undersubscribed. Kotak made an announcement that the DLF IPO is a huge issue and hence one cannot expect retail to be oversubscribed heavily. However the Reliance Petroleum IPO which was of similar size got heavily oversubscribed even in the retail investor category. This shows that if the valuation and pricing of an IPO is reasonable, the retail investor will apply no matter what the issue size is.