Kaushalya Infrastructure IPO : Kaushalya Infra IPO opens on 20th

Kaushalya Infrastructure IPO opens for subscription on Tuesday, November 20, 2007. Kaushalya Infrastructure Developement Corporation Limited is a mid sized construction and infrastructure development company. It has recently entered into the high margin residential real estate development space. The Kaushalya Infrastructure IPO price band has been fixed between Rs. 50 to Rs. 60 per share of face value Rs. 10 each. Kaushalya Infrastructure IPO closes for subscription on Friday, November 23, 2007. The IPO issue size of Kaushalya Infrastructure IPO is around 50 crores, making it a pretty small sized IPO. Since its a small IPO, the Kaushalya Infrastructure Developement Corporation Limited IPO is likely to get heavily oversubscribed making allotment tough to get. For updates on the Kaushalya Infra IPO subscription & oversubscription details and Kaushalya Infra IPO allotment status, do check this blog regularly.

6 thoughts on “Kaushalya Infrastructure IPO : Kaushalya Infra IPO opens on 20th”

  1. I want to know more about this IPO…very curious… Seems interesting for not only being in the infrastructure space but also in the eastern region which has lot of untapped opportunity. I read somewhere that they have Joint venture with the state government … being from that region I know it is a key competitive advantage.

  2. Gourav –

    I know we all have that kind of returns in mind. But as you know, risk comes with return. Think only Las Vegas can get you double money in a dice roll, day or a month 🙂 This stock I think is much lower risk than that… I think it will surely give you high return (posisbly higher than other stocks) in a month. But I think I am going to buy this for a long haul…. to me there seems to be a strong long term potential in this. Who knows there might also be a short term bump too

  3. I am from West Bengal and I have beenmuch waiting for this IPO. For those who are not from this region, do keep in mind that this is a great upcoming company with great positioned lands in Rajarhat (the Gurgaon of kolkata)… plus I have heard great about the leadership… many other positives … I am going to review more but I am in. Please make your own judgement but something not to miss out on in my opinion

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