Ventrilo version 2.3.0 likely to be released soon

The developers of Ventrilo in a press release, have announced that they are working on Ventrilo version 2.3.0 and this latest version of the popular Ventrilo software is likely to be released within a couple of months. Ventrilo will release both the server version as well as the client version of its latest update. Ventrilo is a software which makes use of the VOIP technology to enable tele conferencing and other telephonic services. A ventrilo client will connect with a Ventrilo Server in order to provide voice connectivity. Teamspeak is a similar technology which lets users communicate using a headphone and a mic through a chat channel. Ventrilo servers can be hired for a very nominal monthly price of just Rs. 2.69. Teamspeak hosting also costs the same for the entry level hosting package.